Your Sports Injury Clinic

Your Sports Injury Clinic

Find answers

Find answers

Understand your Injuries, and why they happen
Get effective treatment

Get effective treatment

Based on your pinpoint examination
Compete at the next level

Compete at the next level

Don’t let past injuries hold you back

We help athletes compete with confidence

What makes PPR so different?

When it comes to athletic performance, too many athletes feel stuck with stubborn injuries. PPR helps athletes recover quickly and move more effectively so they can polish performance and heighten competitiveness.

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We understand the challenge of trying to participate through pain. We have already helped hundreds heal, train, and remain healthy. Rather than treating specifically injured areas, our diagnostic methods identify underlying compensatory patterns that developed long before your injury occurred.

When your body moves without compensation, training is more effective and your performance can excel. Don’t let injury hinder your performance. Request a consultation. Let us help you reach your potential!

Meet the Doc

Dr. Rueckert is an athlete turned doctor. He works hard, plays hard, and is driven by results. After enduring multiple sports injuries, he knew medicine must have more to offer.

While earning his doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, he searched the country for the best diagnostic and treatment methods. He found the most effective clinics leveraged neurology with physical medicine. Peak Performance and Recovery integrates these two disciplines to return athletes to competition in an industry leading timeframe.

Dr. Rueckert’s greatest support comes from his wife and daughter. He is grateful for the many doctors who have trained him.

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